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Having completed countless projects over the years, the approach must be methodical and considerate to all the special requirements that make industrial architecture a challenge.

Solving the challenge of connecting new and old via a cantilevering link bridge structure

Endless roof covering with with water collection via syphonic eave gutters to manae the river of storm water that is guided to a vast underground water storage harvesting tank

data center

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A data centre is a special building constructed to house servers. The data centre consists of a number of rooms with special filtration and air conditioning to keep servers free of dust and at their optimum operating temperature, and preventing the significant quantities of heat they generate from building up and damaging them. The building provides special electricity supplies, with generators that supply power in the event of a power cut, and provide physical security in the form of guards and locks to ensure that only the owners of the servers and their appointed staff can gain access to a server, to prevent theft.

Role: Micheal Neocleous, architect, lead consultant and co-ordinator of all respective consultants and contractors.

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